About Us

Creative & Media Alliance is a specialist copywriting company, established three years ago. It is owned and operated by Cm_a, and writers who know that good is more than just clever words; it's about owning the outcome of every sentence.




Cm_a The Contentlab


History of project

We have served Consumer Products, Consumer Durables, Financial, Services, Healthcare, Travel & Consumer Services, Public Utilities, Oil Energy,  Retail, Software, Industrial manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technology, Venture Capital Firms….

Our users

Our Clients:


  • Pole Position marketing –Canada.
  • Skincare News – USA.
  • French Properties – France – 200 Real Estate Articles.
  • Jolt Support - Canada – 250 Articles on Health Sector, Insurance and Finance.
  • Gift Company – USA – Web Content –Sale.
  • Advertising Creative – Asia.
  • Tourism- Prague –  Articles on Restaurant reviews.

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